Hello, I am Gail Schriver, Reiki Master and owner of  Reiki Reflections, LLC and I thank you for visiting!  I am a certified Reiki Master who has been in and around Reiki energy healing for several years. Since becoming  certified  in this form of hands-on energy healing, Reiki has not only become my passion, but my calling. Prior to be becoming a  certified Reiki Master, I have developed diverse skills and expertise in the areas of health care, corporate law, education and office and project management. I hold a Usui Reiki Ryoho Master certification, Animal Reiki Certification, a BS in Education from Kent State University and I obtained my Paralegal certification from Oakland University.   

I was introduced to Reiki more than twenty years ago while my father was under hospice care.  Since then, I was called to become a Reiki Master after both working and volunteering in four separate and distinct hospice organizations throughout Ohio. I heeded the call after seeing  first-hand the immediate, powerful effects Reiki has toward helping patients to minimize anxiety, increase relaxation, promote better sleep as well as, assist in both emotional and physical pain management.  In addition to the clients who receive Reiki from me onsite, I am fortunate to be able travel to visit my clients in their homes or places of business in order to provide Reiki services.

Whether human or animal, we all experience stress, pain, injury, illness, environmental toxins, emotional upset and grief somewhere along our path in the journey of life.   Often times, these stressors bombard us on a daily basis and can cause our system to be energetically out of balance.  Like most people, I  experienced the ongoing stress of working full time in demanding, deadline filled corporate roles while also raising my children and caring for elderly parents and my own self care fell to the bottom of the list...if it made to the list at all.    For me, once I received my first Reiki session, and continued with ongoing sessions,  I felt balanced, relaxed, my stress and anxiety lessened, and I was in a better position to deal with the demands and particulars of  my life.  Now, working with my own clients ,  it is an honor and a privilege to witness  the positive impact Reiki has made in their lives as well.   I hope you will take the time to focus on you and experience the positive impact Reiki can have in your life.   Wishing you much peace, love and light throughout your life's journey!