Just for this Moment

"Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?"  ~ Danielle Laporte

Reiki not only helps to realign our body's energy,  it can also help us to clear away the energy blockages that may contribute to the mental and emotional "noise" and confusion that can stop us from  living our highest and greatest purpose.  When our energy is flowing effortlessly, it  allows us to align with our higher selves, our intuitive guidance system or inner voice that quietly urges us to trust ourselves, to be fearless and to follow what our heart tells us to be true.   

Just for this moment...just for today...pay attention to your thoughts, your actions.  Note where you are experiencing negativity, energy blockages or fear.  Take a step back, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and go within and listen quietly.  What are you being shown?  What is your truth?  Choose to think first from your heart and let your mind follow. 

Every moment, of every day, you have have an opportunity to actively choose to listen to your heart and to align your mind and your actions with that guidance. As you do, look to see how the universe will begin to unfold before you. 

 Our thoughts create our reality and our energy attracts our experiences. Like energy attracts like energy. When we align our thoughts with our inner truth, we can truly become the masters of our reality.  

Wishing you love, joy, peace, harmony and light as your journey unfolds in  the new year!


Did You Know...?

Some healthcare insurance companies now provide coverage or discounts for Reiki sessions.   For example, some Reiki session are covered in whole or in part when provided in tandem with traditional treatments for pain management.  In most cases, the sessions are incorporated under a treatment plan of care.  Check with your healthcare provider and insurance company for further details and to see if your Reiki session may be covered.*



*This statement not intended to provide medical, legal or insurance advice. 

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Now take a deep breath in...blow it out...and relax...When we are constantly running and juggling the multiple demands in front of us, without relief, we tend to lose sight of who we are, where our energy has gone and sometimes, even our health. I invite you…no…I give you permission to disengage from the universal shuffle and from whatever may be troubling you just for a moment. Come join me and experience the relaxation awaiting you from even one Reiki session. Relax, reflect, be still and reconnect with You

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