30 minutes                                                    $30

45 minutes                                                    $45

60 minutes                                                    $60

Reiki with Guided Imagery               $75

Long Distance Reiki (20 minutes)     $20
Reiki is performed utilizing crystals

Services are by appointment only. Please call to schedule date and time. 

Reiki On!

Reiki On! - Mobile/Onsite Services
Unless otherwise noted below, please call for pricing and scheduling.  

Individual Reiki On!                               $70                                   

Animal Reiki On!                                     $55                              

Corporate, Group and Events Reiki On!
Think about incorporating Reiki as a part of your corporate/business wellness program or, offer Reiki session  onsite  to your employees on a regular basis (similar to onsite chair and hand massages). The effects of Reiki can help to boost morale and relieve stress. Why not include Reiki sessions as a part of bridal showers, baby showers or your next get together in lieu of a spa visit? Why not relax with a Reiki session after working out at the gym or participating in a game of soccer, tennis softball, football or golf? Reiki is a great way to support relaxation and relief from sore and tired muscles.

Healthcare and Healthcare Related Reiki On!
Consider offering Reiki sessions to your chiropractic patients or, if you are a general physician, a  hospital or other healthcare setting, consider offering Reiki sessions to assist your patients and clients.  Reiki can be especially beneficial during a hospital stay as well as, during the  recovery and rehabilitation process.  Reiki sessions offered to both pre and post op patients, oncology, hospice and palliative care patients or dialysis patients can help to alleviate anxiety and stress, support pain reduction while aiding in  the body's natural ability to heal.  Consider also offering Reiki sessions to a patient's caregivers and family members as well as, to the clinical staff caring for the patient.  Not only will Reiki assist in reducing each individual's  anxiety and stress, but it will also  aid in collectively creating an even greater positive energy environment within which to support the patient's overall well being while positively impacting pain and symptom management and recovery.  I have over three years of experience in traveling onsite to provide Reiki to hospice and oncology patients and to nursing home and assisted living residents.