Scents Between Friends

If you are in the market for handmade, luxurious moisturizing scented soap, look no further than Candi Groh at Scents Between Friends!  Candi not only creates these wonderful soaps using all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, but infuses them with the most incredible scents--over 40 to choose from!! Her soaps are $3.50 per bar or 3 for $9.00. Click through the image gallery on the right to view a few of my favorites: 

Scents Between Friends also offers natural loofa sponges filled with handmade soap, lotion bars that are perfect for dry, cracked skin, body butters, lip balms, linen sprays and much more!  Contact Candi Groh at Scents Between Friends your skin will thank you for it!  

Candi Groh

Scents Between Friend